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The National Association of Concealed Carry Instructors LLC, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to professional instruction and improvement in Concealed Carry training for students and instructors.  Membership is open to all Concealed Carry Instructors and Trainers certified by the their state, the NRA, USCCA or other nationally credentialed firearms training institute who teach concealed carry of a deadly weapon and/or handgun.

The members of each district elect the District Director, secretary, treasurer, and other officers for their District as needed.  The District Director also serves as a member of Association State Board of Directors.

Dues are minimal, and there is nothing in the By-Laws that would prevent the districts from collecting local dues.  Ideally, as it grows, the Association shall be an asset to certified instructor and trainer everywhere.

As stated in the Association Mission Statement, the primary purposes of creating the Association are (1) to allow seasoned, experienced instructors and trainers and new instructors to share information and experiences in a collegial manner resulting in  positive growth for all instructors and trainers; (2) to present the true perspective that we, as CCDW Instructors and Trainers, provide a valuable service for the citizens of the United States; (3) to insure that as an association of like-mined citizens we can collectively have an impact on the laws and regulations governing the CCDW Program in the nation.  The growth, success, and influence of the Association is limited only by the imagination of its members.

Who are our serving members?  – Click this link.
Board of Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs

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